Why Would You Not Eat Grains to Lose Weight

There are several reasons why you probably should avoid wheat and other cereal products to try to lose weight. Let's talk about some of them here and maybe if you've beaten a bit of a roadblock on your journey of weight loss of such information may be of some help.

When it comes to grain products and losing weight probably the main concern is the high content of carbohydrates present in the grains. As you may know the carbohydrate has a major impact on your blood sugar and thus your insulin levels. Since the increased insulin levels promote fat storage, we will naturally strive to keep our insulin in the low end, so we can release stored body fat and use it for the day's energy needs day.

Starch grains, flour and other converted to glucose, since glucose is digested and when combined with other forms of sugar in the average person consumes only adds to the burden of excess glucose in the bloodstream. insulin ramps to store excess glucose as fat and preventing toxic levels of glucose in the blood pool.

Removing grain from your diet may be one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbohydrates and bring your insulin levels from an abnormally high level every day.

Another big problem with grains, making them a questionable source of nourishment is an anti nutrient. When it comes to anti-nutrients it comes to gluten and phytates and lectins can find a way or another in almost all cereals. It is often that people are health conscious should take care to eat whole grains instead of processed foods, like white flour, whole grains because they have more vitamins and minerals.

Problems, the advice is that the effective grain phytate binds minerals and use them outside the body. Lectins are often described as a kind of self-defense mechanism, which essentially is trying to plant that reduces the likelihood of cancers caused illness or discomfort in the creature eating it. gluten and cereal lectins can damage the lining of the gut and allow particles to slip into the intestine into the bloodstream, where they can trigger autoimmune reactions, ranging from mild discomfort to extreme reactions.

All these reasons why you should consider eliminating grains from your diet significantly, not only when you want to lose weight, but as a general practice and lifestyle.

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